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I’ve always had a fascination with understanding the nuances of the human condition - why do we do what we do? What shapes our thoughts and our innermost being? What makes us intrinsically human?

To search for these answers, I pursued a degree in Psychology and subsequently went on to work as counsellor in the Singapore Prison Service for 4 years where I journeyed with ex-offenders in the community for a period of up to 2 years.

This exposed me to a whole other world - a world that most Singaporeans would never see. I was given the privilege to walk alongside my supervisees and could better appreciate and understand their pains and their struggles as they trudged around a Singapore that did not accept them.


I had a deep desire to advocate for them and this led me to apply for a research and programme evaluation role at the Prison headquarters, which eventually spurred an interest in user experience.


I strongly believe in designing inclusive experiences for everyone. Because of my past experiences, I am inspired to contribute to creating a world where no one is forgotten.

In my spare time, I like to dabble in quite a few things!

I am an avid reader, embroidery and art hobbyist, regular runner and recreational contemporary dancer. 




Feel free to connect with me! You could drop me an email at or check out my linkedin profile on the button below.

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